Meet Your Ambassadors


TammyTammy Cromwell

Tammy Cromwell has been with the Downtown Fargo BID for the past two years. Born in the small town of Goodrich, ND, Tammy has called Fargo home for over 20 years and has a history/social science degree from Valley City State University. During her free time Tammy enjoys collecting and polishing rocks, working on her home, and spending time at the beach. Tammy shares her home with her Chihuahua, Schnoodle, two bearded dragons, one cat, and a bird.




ErnestErnest Turner

Ernest Turner is an up and coming singer -songwriter born and raised in New Orleans, LA. Ernest moved to the Fargo area about one month ago to further his career as a recording artist and will release his very first rhythm and blues album in the very near future. Ernest is a loving father of two children, one son & one daughter, both of whom live in Louisiana.





PaigePaige Smykowski

Paige Smykowski was born and raised in Fargo, ND and intends on pursuing a college degree in nursing beginning next spring. Paige spends her free time enjoying the lakes, running, and dabbling in the kitchen experimenting with different foods and recipes.





Services Provided

Maintenance / Cleaning

A clean downtown communicates volumes about your district’s sense of pride, and can affect the level of security and behaviors in the district. We perform the following cleaning services:

  • Litter removal – Picking up debris, loose trash, cigarette butts, sediment and loose rock from sidewalks, alleys and street gutters.
  • Weed removal – Removing weeds from sidewalk cracks and building lines.
  • Graffiti removal – Cleaning graffiti immediately upon identification using the least invasive methods possible.
  • Power washing – All sidewalks are washed on a schedule to maintain consistent levels of cleanliness, and spot washing is done to immediately address unsightly spills and stains.
  • Special projects – Bring the “WOW” factor to our downtown with special projects.


Your ambassadors are not just trained but encouraged to find meaningful ways to improve everyone’s downtown experience, whether that’s offering an umbrella during the rain or providing directions to a popular restaurant. Some of the hospitality services we provide are:

  • Offering a friendly greeting and assistance.
  • Giving easy-to-follow directions.
  • Providing recommendations on things to see and do.
  • Answering questions.
  • Identifying customer service opportunities, such as carrying packages or holding a door.


Safety for all individuals within the downtown area is of the utmost importance to your ambassadors. Instead of waiting around for something to happen, your ambassadors are trained in proactive engagement. Some of the safety services we provide are:

  • Maintaining a highly visible presence in an effort to lessen the likelihood for illegal activity.
  • Accompanying downtown employees, business owners, or their customers to their vehicle if requested.
  • Reminding individuals of city ordinances (panhandling, sidewalk bicycling, smoking) in order to maintain the safety and security of all those downtown.
    • Your ambassadors regularly interact with law enforcement, social service agencies and other partners, in order to share information and increase each organization’s effectiveness and footprint within the downtown area.
    • Your ambassadors serve as a valuable resource to local law enforcement. By directing police officers to specific situations, alerting them to trends, and communicating details, your ambassadors can better leverage the limited time of our downtown officers.

For additional information or to contact your ambassadors directly, please dial (701) 238-1051, (701) 212-0310 or send an e-mail to