New Downtown DRO, Jessica White 

My name is Officer Jesseca White and I am the new daytime Downtown Resource Officer aka the “new Officer Wahl.”  The downtown resource officer position is a rotational position and recently Officer Wahl’s chapter to specifically serve the downtown area had to come to a close.  I jumped at the opportunity to throw my hat into the ring and here I am, your new DRO.

I have been with the Fargo Police Department for about eight years and have spent most of my time on the south side of town near Essentia.  I’ve mostly worked evening shift and night shift which means getting used to mornings is going to be rough for a little while.  I’ll just prepare those of you that have coffee to expect to see me A LOT!  All joking aside, the reason I was interested in the DRO position was because I was looking for a change of pace and scenery.  I was also looking for something that worked better with my home life and DRO did that for me.

I see downtown as an untapped gem as I discovered many interesting and unique places in my first two weeks exploring the area. I look forward to working and visiting with all of you.  My goal is to make it to every business and introduce myself at some point in the next couple of weeks but if you see me out and about don’t be hesitant to say hi!

I am new when it comes to anything related to downtown so am hoping you all be patient with me as I adjust and learn how to be an effective DRO, both for the Fargo Police Department and for the downtown area.  If you have any concerns that you want to talk with me concerning downtown I work primarily M-F, 9am-5pm, and can be reached by voicemail (298-6907 ext. 7193), email ( as well if I’m not working.

Stay safe!

Officer Jesseca White