These Are Exciting Times For Parking In Downtown Fargo!

Recently we completed the installation of new Digital pay stations at our parking facilities on NP Avenue and 2nd Avenue North. The addition of these machines offers benefits from an operations management perspective and also to you the consumer.

As a parker you simply enter your license plate number, how long you would like to stay and pay the machine. No need to run a display tag back to your car or remember which stall number you parked in.

The pay stations also offer parking expiry reminders to your cell phone and the ability to add time via text, when you pay with a credit card. Fargo Parking has also partnered with Passport to offer mobile-payment solutions.

With the Passport mobile or desktop application you can pay for your parking without ever going to the machine and offers the same service for expiry reminders and adding time.

The Parking Commission has been working over the last two years to develop an on-street time zone concept for the downtown core that would simplify the system and also make better use of underutilized on-street capacity on “fringe” blocks.

In general, the concept transitions a majority of the on-street parking to 4 hour time zones other than Broadway, Roberts, 5th St N, 8th St S and 7th St S which would remain as 90 minute time zones.

The re-park ordinance would continue to apply and therefore a vehicle would still need to move once per day. These time zone changes should open up additional short term parking options within the downtown area.

Also, the Parking Commission and City Commission passed an ordinance that specifically provides for enforcement of off-street parking facilities.

With this authority we will be able to cite violators following similar protocols to the on-street program. No longer will violators be able to occupy spaces intended for paying customers and we will also free up capacity through this enforcement.

The parking supply in downtown Fargo is limited but in the past six months we have not reached max capacity. Parking is available!