Gate City Bank And City Of Fargo Enhancing Exterior Of Their Downtown Building

by: Amy L. Nash, Sustainability Coordinator
Downtown Community Partnership

Gate City Bank is enhancing the exterior of their Downtown location to refresh the area and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of Downtown Fargo.

The Bank is planting new trees and adding more than 1,000 plants, as well as a new green living divider covered in ivy near the parking spaces. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, Gate City Bank is also updating the parking lot, sidewalks, curb and gutter, driveway approaches, signage and street lights.

Gate City Bank has partnered with the City of Fargo of which is in support of these improvements.  In working with professional designers, Gate City Bank will be replacing all of the ash trees along 1st Ave N, and along 5th St N. Overall, the current ash trees have outgrown the sites, and vary in health and condition.  With the increasing threat of Emerald Ash Borer, this is also a perfect opportunity to partner with Gate City Bank to diversify with other tree species.

The City of Fargo ForesterScott Liudahl, is also coordinating with the Downtown Fargo Business Improvement District (BID) on adding trees in the district as well as adding diversity in some areas.

The City of Fargo has been named “Tree City USA” for over 35 years.  For more information on tree services and care, visit:

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