Removing The Walls

by Mike Hahn, President/CEO
Downtown Community Partnership

Recently, the Downtown Community Partnership moved its offices to the second floor of the historic Loretta Building at 210 Broadway, N. The original design of our office included three dedicated spaces internally with walls.  With construction not being completed by move-in, we decided to wait with the walls to maximize the space with the intention of placing them up after all construction was completed.  There was some apprehension among staff in working in an open space.  Will our stuff be secured? What about privacy?  How about confidentiality?

Last Friday, our temporary construction wall was removed allowing us access to the remaining quarter of our office, along with entry to two shared conference rooms.  The open space concept has really helped our staff in bonding as a team.  There is a lot of cross communicating which allows for more idea building improving overall team performance.

DCP Vice President Jed Pahan in front of the longstanding construction wall lined with guest signatures.

Despite the initial hesitance, we are proud of our new office and invite the community to come by and visit. It’s a great example of a historic recycling project undertaking by our partners, the Kilbourne Group with exposed brick walls and wooden floors.  Our address is below.

To learn more about the move in eliminating the walls in the office, here is an interesting read –

The newly opened workspace.

Mike Hahn

Downtown Community Partnership

210 Broadway N Suite 202

Fargo, ND 58102